What do you mean by "Young"?

Vermont Young Professionals was formed in the interest of providing support and assistance to those under individuals under 40 with an interest in advancing their careers and making new connections in the community. That being said, we welcome people of all ages, and in all stages of their careers to attend our networking events. The only age restrictions we have in place are for our board members.

What do you mean by “professional”?

Some say a professional possesses a specialized set of skills and knowledge that someone maintains over time. These skills don’t have to be found in an office, they can be found in a field, shop, studio, home office, on a mountain, in the water or at home.  We appreciate Vermont’s unique workforce and welcome any and all people who want to turn their specialized skills and knowledge into a career, as well as those who have already done so and want to grow their personal and professional networks.

How do I join?

Just complete our sign-up form and you will become a member. This will include e-mail newsletters with the latest news, and invitations to all of our events.

How do I become a sponsor?

To become a sponsor, contact our Director of Sponsorship, Chris Vintinner at: chris@vyp.org.

How can I help out?

Send us an email at info@vermontyoungprofessionals.com.  We are always looking for members who want to become more involved with VYP, and you can put your skills to use helping us in a variety of ways.

Why was VYP Started?

The founders of VYP sought an organization for young Vermont professionals to call their own. They wanted an entity that could help new graduates find strong networks for guidance and socializing; that could help new Vermonters get “plugged into” their communities; and that could help the next generation of Vermonters inherit and lead the state. After recognizing that these interests were not unique to themselves, the founders created VYP in the spring of 2009.