Vermont Chamber's Business and Industry Expo Luncheon

Next Generation Leaders: Built-For-Business


THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2015
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Diamond Ballroom (Level 2)



You are invited to the new EXPO roundtable luncheon experience.  Brought back by popular demand, this year’s roundtable luncheon will feature table facilitators from Vermont Business Magazine’s Rising Stars award recipients.  Join emerging business leader “table facilitators” for a discussion on excelling and leading in the workplace as a young professional in Vermont.  Moderated by Kristin Carlson of Green Mountain Power.

How does this luncheon format work?

  When you arrive at the Diamond Ballroom at 12:00 pm on Thursday, May 21, hand your luncheon ticket to the ticket collector at the door and then enter the Diamond Ballroom.  You will see all of the table facilitators standing next to their designated tables.  The table facilitators will have their names written on a sign in the middle of their tables.  Take a quick look around the room and pick an available seat.  If your first choice facilitator has a full table, just move on to another available seat, you will have a great facilitator wherever you end up sitting, we promise!  Each table seats 10 people (meaning the table facilitator will have 9 attendees sitting with him/her during this luncheon event).  The agenda for the luncheon will include a panelist introduction to help spark conversation, and then each of the facilitators will lead a discussion at their individual tables.  You will hear from your facilitator, your table-mates, and you will also be able to offer your thoughts to your group.  This is meant to be an interactive and energizing 30 minute portion of the agenda.  The conclusion of the event will be table reports from many of the table facilitators noting the key points that came out of the discussions held at their tables.  Make quality business connections in a new business luncheon format – book your ticket today and we’ll see you on May 21!

Thank you to our confirmed Table Facilitators to date:

  • Kristin Carlson, Green Mountain Power
  • Jess Gingras, Mansfield Heliflight
  • Steve Gagner, 14th Star Brewing
  • Peter McDougall, Paul Frank & Collins
  • Andrew Stickney, VCET
  • Patrick Biddiscombe, New Breed
  • Kendal Melvin, Vermont Chamber
  • Hillary Boone, Marlboro College
  • Sarah Morris, Basin Harbor Club
  • Carrie Allen, Heritage Credit Union
  • Angela Smith, SunCommon
  • Jenny Sullivan, Fuse
  • Molly Hall, Coldwell Banker Realtors
  • Joe Doud, Vermont Lake Monsters
  • Doug Paine, Hotel Vermont/Westport Hospitality 

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