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Right now is an exciting time to be a part of the Vermont Young Professionals network. Fresh off our most successful Vermonters Ball yet, we just launched our new website and started this blog. We also added a few new members to our Board of Directors recently, giving new life to our organization. This week a number of our members will be participating in the Vermont Chamber's Business Expo, so check back later for a recap on the blog.

While it's no secret that Vermont's 25-34 demographic has been shrinking over the last few years, there are still several thousand young people who chose to move to, or stay in Vermont. Our organization is designed to build on the strengths we have, and give young professionals the social and professional network and skill set they need to thrive in Vermont.

In my travels I have seen other Young Professionals organizations popping up across the state from Franklin County to Bennington. Our website and organization seeks to be a convenient gathering place to connect individual Vermonters with a network of their peers, wherever they are in Vermont.

I'll argue there has never been a better time to be a young professional in Vermont. As digital natives in a constantly evolving world and workplace that has never been more connected and integrated, it is easier now than ever before for residents of relatively rural Vermont to participate in the same things that are happening in the standard economic centers of large cities like New York and Boston. And yet our low-key local culture means that some of the most influential people in our state are more accessible than those in metropolitan areas.

But like many generations before us, it calls on us to apply that trademark Yankee creativity and ingenuity to create our own opportunities. That's part of the reason our organization exists. To help give young professionals here in Vermont the tools, skills and connections they need to create those opportunities for themselves, and for their fellow residents. Last year our entrepreneurship series highlighted the fact that there are always jobs available for people willing to create them.

So come and be a part of that process with us. If you have planned an event that's targeted for young professionals anywhere in Vermont, let us know about it through our events page. If you have an idea and want to help create an event that doesn't yet exist, sign up as a volunteer. If you've found an article or written a blog post that has helped or inspired you, share it with our network. We are a group of Vermonters committed to help others make Vermont the kind of place that can consistently attract and retain young professionals who can make our state a better place to live - and we want to welcome you to be a part of it.

Paul Dame
President, Vermont Young Professionals

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